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Smallville Series history

Smallville Series history

Season 1

The first season was a tremendous success, but some fans balked at the frequent plot device of a villain (or outcast classmate) deriving power from kryptonite exposure and appearing in only one episode, becoming known as the "freak of the week."

Season 2

Season 2 had fewer "freaks of the week", focusing more on character development and relationship building. Several key plot points included Lex becoming more entangled in conflict with his father, Chloe digging into Clark's past and making deals with Lionel, Martha and Jonathan Kent's financial troubles, and a vacillating Lana and Clark relationship. The show mostly volleyed Clark and Lana's relationship throughout the season, never actually allowing the two to become an official couple. The main story arc, however, focused on Clark's discovery of his Kryptonian origins. The disembodied spirit/will of Clark's biological father Jor-El is introduced, communicating to Clark via his space ship, setting the stage for plots involving the fulfillment of Clark's earthly destiny. A "passing of the torch" moment occurs when Christopher Reeve, who played Superman in the 1970s and 1980s film series, appeared as Dr. Virgil Swann to provide Welling's Clark with information regarding his heritage.

Season 3

Now, the show focused on more character development, loyalty, betrayal, and new revelations involving Jor-El. Early in the season, Michael McKean, O'Toole's real-life husband, portrayed Clark's future Daily Planet editor Perry White; from this point on, other characters relevant to the Superman mythos and the DC Universe were introduced to Smallville. Pete Ross was essentially marginalized as a character, playing minor roles involving illegal street racing and threats by investigating agents for Lionel. The character was ultimately written out of the show, explained by his inability to deal with keeping Clark's secret and the desire to move to Wichita, Kansas with his mother after his parents had divorced. As of early 2007, Sam Jones has not made any return appearances.

Season 4

The fourth season ventured further into the Superman mythos by creating a story arc that would run the length of the season. The arc involved Clark seeking out three Kryptonian stones (at the instruction of Jor-El) holding the knowledge of the universe. The majority of this season revolved around Lex trying to rekindle a strained friendship with Clark, Lana dating Jason Teague, a young man she met in France, Lionel's ambiguous transformation into a good father and person, and Clark and numerous other characters vying with one another in attempts to obtain the stones. This season was also a milestone because it introduced Lois Lane (Erica Durance).

Season 5

Delving deeper into Superman lore, Season 5 introduced several classic mythos elements such as Jonathan Kent's death, Fortress of Solitude, Professor Milton Fine (James Marsters), also known as the villain Brainiac, the Phantom Zone, and General Zod. Fine would become a recurring antagonist for Clark throughout the season with the central plot revolving around Clark using the knowledge obtained in the Fortress of Solitude to train for an impending doom to befall Earth: the release of General Zod from the Phantom Zone due to the machinations of Milton Fine. Season 5 also allowed Clark and Lana to explore their first real adult relationship with each other. This helped organize the blueprint for what would eventually become the series' most sought after love triangle between Clark, Lana, and Lex. As with Season 4, Season 5 featured a gradually unveiling storyline in conjunction with multiple minor story arcs running in parallel, mid-season and season finale cliffhangers, and cameos from two other notable DC characters.

Season 6

Season 6 provided the show's first glimpse into the Phantom Zone, inhabited by a society of exiled criminals from the "28 known galaxies". The destinies of Lionel and Lex play out in the aftermath of Lex's possession by Zod and Lionel's adoption as the oracle of Jor-El. Several criminals escape the Phantom Zone with Clark, and Clark is initially left uncertain and directionless as he soon realizes he has no one left to turn to in the aftermath of Lex/Zod's destruction. DC Comics characters Jimmy Olsen, Oliver Queen (and his superhero alias Green Arrow) and the Martian Manhunter are introduced this season, and the first glimpse of the Justice League is seen when Victor Stone, Arthur Curry, and Bart Allen all return to Smallville. Clark appears more prepared to accept the greater responsibility and destiny in store for him, by promising to continue his training once all the escaped Phantom Zone criminals are either returned or destroyed.