Monday, July 2, 2007

What I have learned..

Occasional doubts have risen about the existence of love. Does something called true love exist? Is it just one of those fairytale stories you listen to when you are young? Or is it just that we don’t realize even when love crosses our path, right under our noses? I myself have been subjected to such doubts, and have only come to realize the power of love only now. And maybe, realize what I have lost and gained in the form of love in the past few years.
Recently, one of my close friends decided to leave her boyfriend. Reasons unknown, I stood by her and watched her break his heart. I watched the expressions of his face change; I felt the pain in his voice. I could almost imagine the tears rolling down his face as he spoke of his grief over the phone, and it left me feeling so helpless. Helpless, because I could do nothing to help him. Helpless, because there was nothing I could do to reverse what had happened, and helpless, because both of them were my friends and I couldn’t take sides.
However, the next day when I called him to ask if he was ok, the reply I got surprised me. And in a way, it also shocked me. When I asked him if he was ok with the whole issue, he said, “I can’t let her go. I love her too much. Please make her understand.” That was it. He didn’t have anything else to say. He left me feeling helpless again, wondering how I would make my friend understand the love he had for her. Was it even possible? Maybe not. Maybe she wouldn’t listen to me. I didn’t even have any proof of his love. How was I to do what he asked me to do? Only I could understand how I felt on hearing the words, so I decided to write it down.
This is what I learned from the love one person showed:
Being a girl who fell for a person before, and not had the courage to admit it to him, I learned that crying over the person you love does not show how weak you are. It just shows the depth of love one has. I learned that letting go of love was a foolish ac; that love even at the deepest of the darkest pits, can eventually climb over and breathe into the fresh air. I learned that giving up on the person you love, even though he or she might not love you, is the proof of the fact that you are a coward. Proof of the fact that you are not ready to face what life has in store for you. I have learned that even the simplest moments spent with the people you love, can be enough to keep you happy forever. I have learnt that love is not only what you have in common, its also understanding what u don’t have in common, its accepting each other the way they are. I have learned that love doesn’t DIE, as people show as an excuse for breaking up, it only dies if you kill it. I have learned that slight pressure from some one can eventually lead you to leave the person you love. And most important of all, I have learned the importance of telling how you feel to the person you love. That true love can happen only once and you should always let the other person know how much they mean to you. That we shouldn’t always wait till the time to break up comes, for us to realize how much he or she matters. That a true confession of love can even melt the hardest of hearts.
It’s amazing how a few words can change the way you think. It’s also amazing how much one can love another. So much love, that you find hope in absolute darkness. So much love, that you are unwilling to let go of it, no matter what. I want to tell my friend, that he has helped me learn something I will never forget. I have learned not to give up on my love, no matter what. And someday, when I have the courage to tell him, I will think of what you said and go ahead, and do it, regardless of what happens. I want toi let you know I have the courage now. . I will never loose faith in love. I believe this proves, the fact, that love really can conquer all.

Note: this artical written by NADHA


ibthisaam said...

nadhaa thanx ingey :D

schmartypants said...

love is the start.. its kinda like a novelty which wud eventually wear off.. when ur in "love" you dont see what you dont want to see about the person you "love". their bad side persay.. but with time you do see it.. thats when love cant conquer all.. understanding.or the will to be with sumone is what i think what keeps ppl together.. but i cud be wrong..

||||PiNk PrInCeSs|||| said...

welcome iboo! no schmarty, u cud b rite! opinion varies with people!!!:D