Friday, July 6, 2007

Who Say's Am LoNelY

I am lonely, There’s no one to hear me
When I cry in the painful numbness…

I am lonely there’s none’s around
Filling me with her soothing surrounds

I am lonely and am lost
Am waiting for someone to be my co host

I am lonely and broken
Hatred and Anguish leaves me wide open….
Open to piercing niddles that will sew me….
I know it’s painful…but I know you will be there
There to wither out pains from my life
Which cuts and cuts like a knife

I am lonely and hoping for you
Who can bring light in to my life’s purview

I am lonely and am shattered
In the playful tweets of few lovelies
Who exhausted me emotionally..
Now I don’t wanna be with those false faces
if I know anyone then it’s you…
Wearing a beautiful dress with soft laces

I am lonely but no more
Becoz you will be there as my lifelong adore….


||||PiNk PrInCeSs|||| said...

Life doesn't necesaarily have to have its ups...u may think ur alone...nut ur not really.ur frends are always there 4 u..just remember that...