Sunday, August 19, 2007

How to get respect from your girlfriend

Respect is an inner attitude that everyone should give to one another. It is not a question of how to give and how to get it. It is somewhat an undefined inner characteristic from one person. Respect is a basic and important manners a person should give from one another. Without respect, there's always a failure in a relationship. What could be a women and men like if they will not draw respect in between? A healthy and harmonious relationship is based on the respect that each the men and women give and take. However, we cannot deny that there are countless of people all over the world who cannot give respect from their loved ones and vice versa. This explains that human being are complex by nature and each person has its own individuality to define their own personality. If you know how to give respect from one another, it is impossible for you to not gain respect from others, especially from loved ones. Sometimes, when we know the person too much, we take advantage of that person to the point that we do not know how to draw the limits or boundaries and it fall out to be disrespectful at times.

Gaining respect from your girlfriend is somewhat easy to achieve, provided you know what's happening and what did you do to loss her respect from you. If your girlfriend loves you, of course she knows how to give respect to you. Being disrespectful to you is somewhat a harsh way for a girl to get rid of someone she doesn't like. You have to deal it in different perspective. Ask yourself why you cannot get respect from her. Is it because of what you do? Who you are? Or where you come from? Dealing with several question can led you to the answers that you wanted to get but you have to prepare yourself from the hurt onwards. Sometimes, digging into the sources of why she cannot give respect to you can be painful but you will feel relieve of the aftermath of the revelation.

Somehow, you still loved her despite of her being disrespectful to you. There are really men in this world who become so attached to the girl despite the rudeness and ruthless manners their girlfriends showed to them. (I cannot blame them for that, as what they called it; "Love is blind" in which I totally disagree). Love is blind but lovers can see, how come it becomes blind? In that sense, it is the game of cupids and its arrows.

Anyway, here are some few of the tips on how to get respect from your girlfriend:

Show her, don't tell.
Girls can be somewhat carried away by man's action. Showing her on how much you loved her can make her blown away sometimes. Words is sometimes too much, especially it spoils everything beyond your own control. Since she's already your girlfriend, why not make her blown away by the object of your own affection? Make her be impress sometimes and just let her feel special that can sweep off her feet. I'm sure on the latter sense, respect is easy to get.

Know Your Limits.
There are boundaries and limitation that you need to draw in between you and your girlfriend. Sometimes, knowing too much about your girlfriend may create trouble in the latter part of the relationship. Knowing what she likes and dislikes and you respect her about it can be helpful in gaining respect from her. If you respect her, her decision and as being her, it is somewhat very rude for a girl not to give back respect that you entitled to have.

To get respect, gain self-respect.
Oftentimes, when you want others to respect you, especially with a certain or with a particular person, you tend to forget yourself to the point that she already demoralized and step on your own boundaries, she become more demanding and more full of herself. You forget your own self-worth and become useless to her own standard. If you want her to respect you, learn to give value to yourself. If she didn't realized the things that you did to her, she just very stupid not to give back the respect that you give to her. Know your limits too and know your self-worth. You have to know when is enough, you're with your own persona. If you loss your self-worth because you thought that you loved her too deeply and you cannot say no to her demand even if it demoralized you personally, I guess you're just being so stupid enough not to get the whole picture. Respect as what I said is give and take, it is a mutual qualities in a relationship that a girlfriend and boyfriend should give and take to each other.

If the girl loves you, you don't have to find ways to get a respect from her, its already on the package. If she loves you, she will respect you and she will do all the possible ways to be closed to you. Do not be blinded by your own emotions. Sometimes, when you are head over heels in love with the girl, you become so stupid to understand that she's already been disrespectful to you to the point that she's eating the whole out of you. You have to know your own grounds so that respect can be easily given. Don't be a wallow person that what a girl wants, what a girl needs you always give it to her, to the extent that it becomes her strength to get in into you and your own weakness to get her through. Generally, if she cannot give respect in return she's not worth it. Find someone else who can appreciate what you can give.