Monday, August 6, 2007

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Scientists study our brain activity and say that it’s quiet possible but everyone is free to believe or not to believe.

Some people claim that it happened to them and it was like you raise your head, meet those eyes and tell yourself “It is He/She!”. Psychologists say that love at first sight depends on our psychological state at the moment. In some case we won’t even notice those charming eyes in another they can make a lasting impression on as. Also they say that it takes about 30 seconds to fall in love or precisely speaking to estimate whether the person is worth to fall in love with. By the way psychologists claim that men fall in love first.

Very many factors act in the situation of falling in love from the first sight. These are our ideals, intuition or “fast logic”, imagination etc. When you fall in love at the first sight you are usually ready and willing to fall in love. Less possibility that it will happen if you are tired, stressed, solving problems in you mind. Of cause the main part in falling in love is given to the appearance, voice, gestures, smell. One person intuitively searches in the other the qualities and the feature to complete him/herself. Of causes beautiful people attract attention the most, but sometimes it’s wrong to fall in love with them easily because those people are experiencing much attention from the people of the other sex all the time and your delightful reaction may simply have no answers.

But if you suddenly fall in love with quiet unknown person and see that it’s mutual that may mean even that mother-nature has chosen a partner that genetically suits you a lot. In this case it is like “aha, match!” when someone happens to fill up all the necessary categories like “tall, blond, blue-eyed, looks good, has a style and nice manners".


here is poll result

74% People 's say "YES" and
9% People's say "NO"

here is some comments about that

Samie (F)
first sight akun love eh nuvaane kanneynge.......dhooo.. ekam attraction eh indhidhaane... emeeheh percieve kuraa goi kanneynge dhoo eyga innaaneee...

Silverlord (M)
yeah sometimes i believe and lol i don't know i didn't love at first sight yet :P

Nabeel (M)
its not love... ei beykaaru

Virudha (F)
its not love dhooni .... its call lust ... there is no love .. i dont beleive in LOVE

Godown (M)
i beliv in dat 100% ingey machaa...i don wan u to beliv me .. but dis wat am sayin is real for me

Deaconiams (M)
ya. i think its true

Saara (F)
there is no such thing as love at First sight :P cause i dont believe in it :)

Irufa (F)
yup possible...well this is world, nothin is impossible.

Saania (F)

Angel Fire (F)
cud hapen one knows

Andhu (M)
"no, i dont believe in love at first sight" ? :P


Otempra! (F)
no i dnt...theres lust at first sight..not luv...luv is a gradual thing..mos tppl commonly mistake luv as infatuation o obbsessiion o physical attraction.

TiN MaN (M)
love at first sight works i guess

C z.(F)

Shemana (F)
hehehehe! i do

Faarish (M)

Amani (F)

Hasun (M)
uh yea

Litha (F)
ya i belive

Munaa (F)
yeah i do beilieve.... but its very rare i guess

My swty sis (F)
love at first sight, Rare, but but but still yes it does exist

DevilAngel (F)
i dont believe in that...thats not true...hehe

Maisha (F)
yeah i beleive.. it is possible

Princessfaina (F)
no.. i dnt belive in lov at first site... cox to lov u got to knw somthin abt her/him...or else its atraction:P

so eyhenvee ma ibthisaam ves bunaanee YES eyy. aee ibthisaam ah ves eykahala gotey vefa hureema ingey


XefroX said...

i think on my blog there is same thing written few days back.

Anyways wide range of opinions n its kewl work..but i say there is nothin like that.its love at lust..cheeers.

||||PiNk PrInCeSs|||| said...

hmm..i dont think there is nesuch thing as love at first takes time...or does it?? kool research though..