Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Alone to cry
Alone to laugh
Alone to smile
Alone to frown
Alone to live
Alone to die
Alone to wander
Alone to discover
Alone to learn
Alone to live
Alone in pain
Alone in hurt
Alone in joy
Alone in the morning
Alone in the night
Alone in the afternoon
Alone in this life
Alone in this world
Alone in boredom
Alone in knowledge
Alone in this state
Alone with people
Alone at work
Alone right now
Alone when I was born
And alone when I will die
Alone walking through life
Without any pride
How can you be satisfied
Living your life like you do
When you know there is some one out there
Who could really use a friend like you
No one will know how I live
No one will know who I am
No one will ever get to know me
Because I am destined to spend my life alone
I am always alone.
It’s no fun to be alone
To do everything on your own
To live with no recognition
To share my pride with no one
Wanting to have someone
To live my life with
But for now
I will continue alone
And all alone