Tuesday, June 26, 2007

t0 YoU Al0n3 i G1v3 tH3 k3Y

i ve tried so long and hard
to make some sense of this
of what you mean to me

but its beyond all reasons
and words just dont mean much
to explain what i feel and see

they all falter besides the feeling
thats sends my mind reeling
of a single kiss or warm embrace

its do cold with out you
hold me close if you dont mind
i need your warmth to see your face

let me gaze in to your eyes
deep into those starry skies
and cradle the tender soul that cries

come here my beautiful angel
beyond all superficiality
please accept this love from me...

to you alone i give the key

my heart is open wide
come here, come inside
theres is nothing left to hide