Wednesday, September 26, 2007

who wana play online game?

befor i was play KOC. but for me KOC is very boring.after that my
cousin intoduce me a vara salhi online game ah.. the name "lastkingh". 2 years befor they have 3 servers. pro , fun and KNC. now they stop this pro n fun they have KNC n Mideval. KNC is pretty nice.iboo ey game ga duvaaley ge macha 12 hrs heydha kuran :D office ah ves ais first hama open koleyveynee ves ey page is military game ingey.u have to captures citys. and kill that country. every country have leaders , high commanders and war councilars. u need get XP to get promot to next rank. and u can buy some units. XP n Gold lebeyney Tranning n Stickin force and person VS Person kogen.
anyway if anyone wana play this game click her
But remenber u have to register in there ingey if u wana play this game. if u need any help. i am here help u :D

here is Rank table
1. Corporal
2. 1st Corporal
3. Sergeant
4. Staff Sergeant
5. Master Sergeant
6. Sgt Major
7. 3rd Lieutenant
8. 2nd Lieutenant
9. Lieutenant
10. Captain
11. Major
12. Lt Colonel
13. Colonel
14. Brigadier
15. Maj General
16. Lt General
17. General
18. Staff General
19. Vice Marshal
20. Field Marshal
21. Grand Marshal
22. Imperial Marshal
23. Warlord
34. King
25. Emperor

now my rank is Vice Marshal. i think i can get Field Marshal tonigh :D now i need 1500 xp .. i have to join 15 sf to get next rank :D

so have some fun in this ramazaan time :D