Monday, July 2, 2007


Will you walk with me to the shadowlands?

For I can't go there alone

We've come this far together

And i'm frightened on my own.

Just take my hand and guide me

I'll put my trust in you

And if we walk together

Our love will see us through

Yet if you fear the darkness

And are not ready yet

Don't think you've let me down at all

And don't have one regret

For when we reach the shadowlands

I know I'll have to stay

Close beside you , hanging on

For just another day.

I know I'll fear the darkness

But with you by my side

You'll give me courage to let go

And not to turn and hide.

And as I face the unknown land

I'll turn and see your face

The time has come to take my leave

With this our last embrace.

I know that I am bound to you

By years of love and care

And when I reach the shadowlands

I know i'll find you there.